As the leading florist in Leicester, we understand people tend to get less flowers in Winter. With the cold weather that is characteristic of winter, it is impossible to imagine the colourful bloom that fills your garden and your home during other season. But, there are plants and even flowers that are able to flourish even during this harsh weather making sure that you have a beautiful garden and flowers for your vases in the house all year round. All you have to do is pick from a long line of the different flower species. Lucky for you, we have done that for you. Here are the 10 best flowers for you during winter.

  1. Rosebud Cherry

Better known for how easy it is to grow this flower, there are plenty of other strong points that make it one of the most sort after flowers during winter. To start with, it is has perfectly formed blossom that goes from a frilled pale pink all the way to a darker shade. The flowers blossom between November and February giving you the perfect timing to have some life in your garden during the biting cold.

  1. Sweet Box

This dark green and glossy foliage has a high affinity for moisture. But, that is not the best part about it. It looks great all year and has nice smelling ivory flowers that are followed by black berries. The flower is best for growing in containers and gives the surrounding a nice elegant look.

  1. Nepalis Paper Plant ‘Jacqueline Postill’

With preference of good soil and a nice warm location for proper growth, this one of a kind flower blooms in clusters of a waxy pink colour and plenty of lavish foliage. It looks its best in January when the flowers bloom.

  1. Witch Hazel

In some parts of the world, the name of this flower is very synonymous with festivities like Christmas all of which happen during the winter season. It has spidery flowers that appear around January and some sulphur-yellow ribbons that not only smell great but also look outstanding. It is best planted in deep soil.

  1. Christmas Berry ‘Red Robin’

There is no better way to spruce up winter than with this outstanding winter flower. It has evergreen leaves that are compact and easy to manage with its prime having ruby-red new shoots that are to die for.

  1. Martin’s Spurge

Another great multi-coloured flower that is immune to the changes in weather. These velvety rosettes features sage green foliage that has spikes of lime flowers at the top and those flowers have a tomato-red eye. The blend of colours is utterly magnificent but, the plant does best in the woodlands.

  1. Algerian Iris ‘Mary Barnard’

The Mary Barnard starts blossoming in November but, it is not until March where you get to grace the violet-blue flowers. It is best grown facing the south-facing wall. It is perfect if you love dull vibrant colours.

  1. Flowering Japanese Apricot ‘Beni-chidori

February is the month when this dramatic plant comes to life. It has dark branches and almond-scented, pink flowers. It is a great plant to have with contrasting colours and pleasant aromas.

  1. Snowdrop

Don’t lose your patience, at first, this flower is relatively slow to establish. Once it does, you can enjoy the elegant, tall, pearl drop flowers and how well it spreads. It gets the name ‘snowdrop’ from how it establishes so you might want to look out for that.

  1. Holly ‘Alaska’

It might not be the most beautiful of flowers but it gets its spots from its ability to get clipped into tight shapes. If left unattended, it forms a conical bush but requires good drainage to flourish.

Your winter doesn’t always have to be all white. With these flowers, you can make it colourful vibrant and lovely. Luckily you will not need a lot of time to tend to them but occasional pruning and trimming is necessary.