No event is ever complete without flowers. They have a way of bringing flair and connection to the event. Even without an event, flowers are able to crown any occasion regardless of how small or big it is. With my florist services, you will be able to make your event or occasion more meaningful and more attractive. While you can choose from the many florists that are available in Leicester, there is no question that you will want to work with the best which would be me.


At the florists in Leicester, you can choose from a wide range of flowers to fit your event, occasion or cause. We understand the important role that flowers play and we ensure that we stock a wide variety to ensure that you’re able to easily find what you’re looking for. With our wide range of flowers, you will have all your flower needs met regardless of what they are.

Personalised approach

When it comes to flowers, it is not only about the quality and type of flowers. It is also about the presentation and the arrangement to bring out the best results. To achieve this, at Tara’s Florist, we make sure the client gets the personal attention they deserve. We are able to best understand the results that they are looking for and we know how we can help them achieve that. With our personal approach, the service delivery is more successful and the client gets the attention they deserve to pull of their event just the way they wanted it.

Affordable prices

Flowers can be a costly affair. It gets even worse when florists decide to charge a premium for their service. We understand the critical role that flowers play. To allow them to become an important part of your event, we ensure that our service is affordable as well as the flowers. You don’t have to break the bank to make your event or occasion more colourful with the natural fragrance that comes with having great flowers.

Hand-picked quality flowers

All our flowers are hand-picked to make sure that only the best make it to the table. Hand-picking guarantees quality and ensures that only the freshest flowers are able to make it to our customers. With this, they can last longer and get to the intended persons while looking fresh and alive.

Other than flowers being a passion, serving my clients is a priority and I bring the two together to offer a high-quality service that sticks to your budget and helps you achieve the vision and dream you have for your event. Whether you’re looking to have a large event with flower arrangements or simply looking for flowers for that special person and you would like it to have a personal touch to it, you can rely on our professionalism and experience in the field to help you capture exactly that. Our leading service is client-oriented and aimed at giving you the best service on a budget. We will be willing to discuss the different and current trends that you can use for your event. We believe in consulting with clients for the best delivery.

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