How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree with Real Flowers

real christmas tree flowers

The Christmas tradition has always been to use artificial decorations for your Christmas tree. Everything from balloons, bells, and artificial flowers have all been used to pump up the Christmas tree and make it the centre of attraction in your home.

While the tree ends up looking great, people are starting to appreciate the intangible benefits that come with decorating your Christmas tree with actual flowers. The vibrant colours, irresistible smells and the astounding look they offer are all reasons why more people are using real flowers this Christmas to decorate their Christmas tree.

You can also jump in on the wagon and join the fun. Here are a few tips and flowers that will help you get the best results even if it’s your first try.

Choose your flowers

The first step is to draft an idea of how you would like the Christmas tree to look like. You can use inspiration from other sources like online images which are quite astounding. If you find something you like, you could also try to replicate that. Once you have your design in mind, you need to get the right flowers.

The options here are limitless. You can buy anything from roses, lilies, ivy, Ilex berries and so on. The only limiting factor in this case would be the range of colours you want for your Christmas tree. In this case, you don’t even have to worry about staying within the theme. You’re already breaking Christmas tradition so you can go as wild as you want.

Keep the flowers well fed

Christmas is a long festivity and you don’t want your Christmas tree to have wilted flowers the following day. Even though this might be a challenge, there are ways you can use to get great results.

  • Start by trimming the stems. You should make sure they are no more than 10 centimetres long.
  • Buy small flower tubes which you can easily get at the local florist. Once you have set up the tree, you will fill the tubes halfway with water and for delicate flowers, you can also add some food.

Arrange the flowers on the tree

Once you trim the stem and placed the flowers in the floral tubes, you can start arranging them on the tree. You might want use some florist’s wire so the flowers remain firmly attached to the branches of the tree and they also hold the position you want them to.

Depending on your design, you can place the flowers one by one or in small bunches of four flowers. It might take some time and you might have to move previously placed flowers so don’t fasten them too tight until you’re sure each flower is in the right place.

Once you’re done, you should have an amazing and unique looking Christmas tree. It might not be a good idea to have Christmas lights around the flowers because of the heat but because of their vibrant colours noticing the tree should be a walk in the park.

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How Did Leicester City Pull off a Miracle and Win the Premier League in 2016

leicester city premier league winners

Leicester is a great place to visit, you can visit us the leading florists in Leicester, and did you know we also won the Premier League in 2016!? Before the surprising 2016 EPL Championship wins just less than a year earlier, Leicester were playing the lower division after having been demoted from top-flight football after just one season. With tempers flaring and a wealthy yet very strategic owner, the team did not seem to have any chances whatsoever of winning the EPL. So little were their chances that even as they won game after game, most people only believed that they had the potential to win after they had actually won the trophy. What exactly led Leicester to pull out one of the biggest upsets in the world of football?

A change in management

The previous season did not end so well for Leicester. They were demoted and the despite the strong presence that coach Nigel Pearson had, there was no doubt that despite the loyalty the players had and their faith in him, there were no fresh ideas and this is what the team needed.

Ultimately, the ownership decided to discontinue the partnership. In the place of Pearson, Claudio Ranieri was hired. To most people and particularly the fans, Ranieri was not a good fit but to the management, he was exactly what they needed. With deep experience in handling megastars in the world of football and different titles under his watch, the team was getting a great coach who could nurture the young incoming talent and ensure that they got the guidance they deserved. After the win, there were many names that were used to describe Ranieri included ‘God’ and ‘Legend’. There is no question that after his quest, he had won over the hearts of the fans and the institution.


It is common for teams to get entangled in the moment after having a good start and letting it get to them to the point where they lose focus. With Leicester, this was not the case. The team remained disciplined with a lot of focus despite their hot start. This allowed them to keep focus even in the few losses they suffered. Their humility and continued hunger to continue with excellence allowed them to continue pushing on even with the doubters hot on their tails.

Leicester City proved that everything is possible when you have the right mentality and the right systems in place. They have been able to live up to the spirit of Leicester and uplift the spirit of the community giving them something that they can be proud of. It goes to show that opportunities are there for every person. You just need the right approach to taking advantage of the situation.

One of the greatest aspects of Leicester was how players turned up to the occasion when they were required to do so. They were utterly impressive at a very young age. They were able to make critical decisions fast and make other teams for their mistakes. With all the praises that Leicester City is known for from the education, the history and the tourist attraction, the Leicester City Football team added yet another accolade to a well-decorated city and gave the locals one more reason to be proud about their city.

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Places to Visit in Leicester

leicester city centre

Being one of the largest cities in England, we are lucky to be the leading florist companies in Leicester. Leicester is also known for quite a number of things, which include holding the largest Diwali celebrations out of India. Leicester is also the place where tourism was born after Thomas Cook chartered a flight to take people from Leicester to Loughborough. To date, that journey is still held. It is only fair that a city which also boasts as the dead centre for England has quite a number of breathtaking tourist attractions that you can enjoy, and of course, you can visit the best florists in Leicester, us! Places include;

Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre

Not many cities are able to boast of the performance arts culture that Leicester has. There are many theatres where you can catch a movie or sit and watch a play, sing along, dance and many other activities. The Phoenix Cinema and Art Theatre is one of those places.

Boasting of a café bar and art centre and two screens, the theatre is a great place to host events, catch a movie or be part of a live play. The place is always bustling with activity and you can never fail to get something you can see. Whether you’re looking to get some local or international action, you will be well taken care of here.

The best part about the Phoenix Theatre is that it is an independent company and most importantly a local charity. By visiting here, you will support a local business that gives back to its community.

Leicester City Market

The trip is never complete without getting some memorabilia from the Leicester market. While it holds its own against some of the best-known places like being the largest outdoor covered market in Europe, the most stand out feature is the age of the market which is a staggering 800 years. The over 270 stalls offer you plenty of options to choose from a pocket-friendly prices. You will also be able to get some farm products straight from the market, buy jewellery, flowers of your choice, books, cards and even clothes.

There are plenty of cafés on the market where you can catch a meal or a drink if you find shopping too much of task and you would like to take a relaxing break. Typically, the market will offer you more variety and at lower prices compared to the high streets which is why most people prefer to come here.


Looking for some night action? To break the monotony of going out during the day, having a fun night out should be on your checklist every once in a while. On such occasions, you might want to drop by the Republic. This club is very unique and features three rooms. One of the rooms plays club classic, another plays urban music and the third room plays house, chart and dance music. You have the option of choosing what type of music you’re in the mood for. Why not join Leicesters personal trainers gym, urban bodyfit, one of the best in the city!

Leicester has plenty to offer. It is a great place to be with plenty of history and attractive flowers that you’re going to love. With well-rounded culture and tourist experience, there is nothing that you will not find in Leicester regardless of your age.

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Best Florist in Leicester?


No event is ever complete without flowers. They have a way of bringing flair and connection to the event. Even without an event, flowers are able to crown any occasion regardless of how small or big it is. With my florist services, you will be able to make your event or occasion more meaningful and more attractive. While you can choose from the many florists that are available in Leicester, there is no question that you will want to work with the best which would be me.


At the florists in Leicester, you can choose from a wide range of flowers to fit your event, occasion or cause. We understand the important role that flowers play and we ensure that we stock a wide variety to ensure that you’re able to easily find what you’re looking for. With our wide range of flowers, you will have all your flower needs met regardless of what they are.

Personalised approach

When it comes to flowers, it is not only about the quality and type of flowers. It is also about the presentation and the arrangement to bring out the best results. To achieve this, at Tara’s Florist, we make sure the client gets the personal attention they deserve. We are able to best understand the results that they are looking for and we know how we can help them achieve that. With our personal approach, the service delivery is more successful and the client gets the attention they deserve to pull of their event just the way they wanted it.

Affordable prices

Flowers can be a costly affair. It gets even worse when florists decide to charge a premium for their service. We understand the critical role that flowers play. To allow them to become an important part of your event, we ensure that our service is affordable as well as the flowers. You don’t have to break the bank to make your event or occasion more colourful with the natural fragrance that comes with having great flowers.

Hand-picked quality flowers

All our flowers are hand-picked to make sure that only the best make it to the table. Hand-picking guarantees quality and ensures that only the freshest flowers are able to make it to our customers. With this, they can last longer and get to the intended persons while looking fresh and alive.

Other than flowers being a passion, serving my clients is a priority and I bring the two together to offer a high-quality service that sticks to your budget and helps you achieve the vision and dream you have for your event. Whether you’re looking to have a large event with flower arrangements or simply looking for flowers for that special person and you would like it to have a personal touch to it, you can rely on our professionalism and experience in the field to help you capture exactly that. Our leading service is client-oriented and aimed at giving you the best service on a budget. We will be willing to discuss the different and current trends that you can use for your event. We believe in consulting with clients for the best delivery.

Be sure to read our blog post on how Leicester City won the Premier League!

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Remembrance Day: What Does The Poppy Represent?

At Taras Florist we have a history lesson for you. The First World War was one of the most devastating wars in the history of humanity. Thousands of lives were lost and civilizations decimated to the ground. After the war ended in 1918 after the signing of the Armistice, till today, all countries of the commonwealth remember the sacrifices the military made to fight for their countries and their pride.

This is what is known as Remembrance Day. It takes place on the 11th of November every year and is marked by a two-minute silence to respect those that lost their lives during the war. During this celebrations, you will notice people wearing artificial flowers which are commonly referred to as the poppy. Even though it is a common flower, it is not the prettiest which begs the question: What is the essence of the poppy during Remembrance Day?

The history of the poppy

The history of the significance of the poppy with regards to Remembrance Day dates back to the time after the end of the war. In a poem known as the “In Flanders Fields” the poppies are recognised as the flowers that grew up in the fields where the soldiers were buried in Flanders. Thanks to the poem and the growth of the poppies, they have since become the enduring symbol of the remembrance of the First World War.

The Poppies were a very common sight especially on the Western Front. They thrived on the soil that was churned up by the fighting and shelling. The first artificial poppy was sold in Britain in the year 1921 which was a couple of years after the ending of the war.

The significance of the poppies

As much as they have their role deeply embedded in the fighting fields, the poppies still play a very significant role during Remembrance Day in today’s community. The artificial flowers are put together by volunteers and for civilians to be able to get a poppy to attach to their clothes, they have to make a donation. The donations are directed to the Earl Haig fund which helps all the soldiers who are still alive and whose lives were changed by the war or its effects and the families of those who passed on.

There are other charities that also sell their poppies but these are in different colours and each of them has its own meaning. But, the primary goal remains the same.

The Red Poppy is an emblem of remembrance and hope. Even though the colour has been interpreted differently by different people over the past, the Royal British Legion which is one of the main charities associated with the poppy stresses that the red poppy should not be related to blood or support for war and death.

Other colours of the poppy that are also used during Remembrance Day include the white poppy which stands for peace and the purple poppy which represents all the animals that were killed in the war.

The poppy is worn by millions of people around the world and the colour that you choose largely depends on your beliefs. But without a doubt, this resilient flower serves as a symbol of remembrance for all the people and animals that sacrificed and fought in the First World War.

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10 Best Flowers for Winter

As the leading florist in Leicester, we understand people tend to get less flowers in Winter. With the cold weather that is characteristic of winter, it is impossible to imagine the colourful bloom that fills your garden and your home during other season. But, there are plants and even flowers that are able to flourish even during this harsh weather making sure that you have a beautiful garden and flowers for your vases in the house all year round. All you have to do is pick from a long line of the different flower species. Lucky for you, we have done that for you. Here are the 10 best flowers for you during winter.

  1. Rosebud Cherry

Better known for how easy it is to grow this flower, there are plenty of other strong points that make it one of the most sort after flowers during winter. To start with, it is has perfectly formed blossom that goes from a frilled pale pink all the way to a darker shade. The flowers blossom between November and February giving you the perfect timing to have some life in your garden during the biting cold.

  1. Sweet Box

This dark green and glossy foliage has a high affinity for moisture. But, that is not the best part about it. It looks great all year and has nice smelling ivory flowers that are followed by black berries. The flower is best for growing in containers and gives the surrounding a nice elegant look.

  1. Nepalis Paper Plant ‘Jacqueline Postill’

With preference of good soil and a nice warm location for proper growth, this one of a kind flower blooms in clusters of a waxy pink colour and plenty of lavish foliage. It looks its best in January when the flowers bloom.

  1. Witch Hazel

In some parts of the world, the name of this flower is very synonymous with festivities like Christmas all of which happen during the winter season. It has spidery flowers that appear around January and some sulphur-yellow ribbons that not only smell great but also look outstanding. It is best planted in deep soil.

  1. Christmas Berry ‘Red Robin’

There is no better way to spruce up winter than with this outstanding winter flower. It has evergreen leaves that are compact and easy to manage with its prime having ruby-red new shoots that are to die for.

  1. Martin’s Spurge

Another great multi-coloured flower that is immune to the changes in weather. These velvety rosettes features sage green foliage that has spikes of lime flowers at the top and those flowers have a tomato-red eye. The blend of colours is utterly magnificent but, the plant does best in the woodlands.

  1. Algerian Iris ‘Mary Barnard’

The Mary Barnard starts blossoming in November but, it is not until March where you get to grace the violet-blue flowers. It is best grown facing the south-facing wall. It is perfect if you love dull vibrant colours.

  1. Flowering Japanese Apricot ‘Beni-chidori

February is the month when this dramatic plant comes to life. It has dark branches and almond-scented, pink flowers. It is a great plant to have with contrasting colours and pleasant aromas.

  1. Snowdrop

Don’t lose your patience, at first, this flower is relatively slow to establish. Once it does, you can enjoy the elegant, tall, pearl drop flowers and how well it spreads. It gets the name ‘snowdrop’ from how it establishes so you might want to look out for that.

  1. Holly ‘Alaska’

It might not be the most beautiful of flowers but it gets its spots from its ability to get clipped into tight shapes. If left unattended, it forms a conical bush but requires good drainage to flourish.

Your winter doesn’t always have to be all white. With these flowers, you can make it colourful vibrant and lovely. Luckily you will not need a lot of time to tend to them but occasional pruning and trimming is necessary.

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