real christmas tree flowers

The Christmas tradition has always been to use artificial decorations for your Christmas tree. Everything from balloons, bells, and artificial flowers have all been used to pump up the Christmas tree and make it the centre of attraction in your home.

While the tree ends up looking great, people are starting to appreciate the intangible benefits that come with decorating your Christmas tree with actual flowers. The vibrant colours, irresistible smells and the astounding look they offer are all reasons why more people are using real flowers this Christmas to decorate their Christmas tree.

You can also jump in on the wagon and join the fun. Here are a few tips and flowers that will help you get the best results even if it’s your first try.

Choose your flowers

The first step is to draft an idea of how you would like the Christmas tree to look like. You can use inspiration from other sources like online images which are quite astounding. If you find something you like, you could also try to replicate that. Once you have your design in mind, you need to get the right flowers.

The options here are limitless. You can buy anything from roses, lilies, ivy, Ilex berries and so on. The only limiting factor in this case would be the range of colours you want for your Christmas tree. In this case, you don’t even have to worry about staying within the theme. You’re already breaking Christmas tradition so you can go as wild as you want.

Keep the flowers well fed

Christmas is a long festivity and you don’t want your Christmas tree to have wilted flowers the following day. Even though this might be a challenge, there are ways you can use to get great results.

  • Start by trimming the stems. You should make sure they are no more than 10 centimetres long.
  • Buy small flower tubes which you can easily get at the local florist. Once you have set up the tree, you will fill the tubes halfway with water and for delicate flowers, you can also add some food.

Arrange the flowers on the tree

Once you trim the stem and placed the flowers in the floral tubes, you can start arranging them on the tree. You might want use some florist’s wire so the flowers remain firmly attached to the branches of the tree and they also hold the position you want them to.

Depending on your design, you can place the flowers one by one or in small bunches of four flowers. It might take some time and you might have to move previously placed flowers so don’t fasten them too tight until you’re sure each flower is in the right place.

Once you’re done, you should have an amazing and unique looking Christmas tree. It might not be a good idea to have Christmas lights around the flowers because of the heat but because of their vibrant colours noticing the tree should be a walk in the park.