leicester city premier league winners

Leicester is a great place to visit, you can visit us the leading florists in Leicester, and did you know we also won the Premier League in 2016!? Before the surprising 2016 EPL Championship wins just less than a year earlier, Leicester were playing the lower division after having been demoted from top-flight football after just one season. With tempers flaring and a wealthy yet very strategic owner, the team did not seem to have any chances whatsoever of winning the EPL. So little were their chances that even as they won game after game, most people only believed that they had the potential to win after they had actually won the trophy. What exactly led Leicester to pull out one of the biggest upsets in the world of football?

A change in management

The previous season did not end so well for Leicester. They were demoted and the despite the strong presence that coach Nigel Pearson had, there was no doubt that despite the loyalty the players had and their faith in him, there were no fresh ideas and this is what the team needed.

Ultimately, the ownership decided to discontinue the partnership. In the place of Pearson, Claudio Ranieri was hired. To most people and particularly the fans, Ranieri was not a good fit but to the management, he was exactly what they needed. With deep experience in handling megastars in the world of football and different titles under his watch, the team was getting a great coach who could nurture the young incoming talent and ensure that they got the guidance they deserved. After the win, there were many names that were used to describe Ranieri included ‘God’ and ‘Legend’. There is no question that after his quest, he had won over the hearts of the fans and the institution.


It is common for teams to get entangled in the moment after having a good start and letting it get to them to the point where they lose focus. With Leicester, this was not the case. The team remained disciplined with a lot of focus despite their hot start. This allowed them to keep focus even in the few losses they suffered. Their humility and continued hunger to continue with excellence allowed them to continue pushing on even with the doubters hot on their tails.

Leicester City proved that everything is possible when you have the right mentality and the right systems in place. They have been able to live up to the spirit of Leicester and uplift the spirit of the community giving them something that they can be proud of. It goes to show that opportunities are there for every person. You just need the right approach to taking advantage of the situation.

One of the greatest aspects of Leicester was how players turned up to the occasion when they were required to do so. They were utterly impressive at a very young age. They were able to make critical decisions fast and make other teams for their mistakes. With all the praises that Leicester City is known for from the education, the history and the tourist attraction, the Leicester City Football team added yet another accolade to a well-decorated city and gave the locals one more reason to be proud about their city.