leicester city centre

Being one of the largest cities in England, we are lucky to be the leading florist companies in Leicester. Leicester is also known for quite a number of things, which include holding the largest Diwali celebrations out of India. Leicester is also the place where tourism was born after Thomas Cook chartered a flight to take people from Leicester to Loughborough. To date, that journey is still held. It is only fair that a city which also boasts as the dead centre for England has quite a number of breathtaking tourist attractions that you can enjoy, and of course, you can visit the best florists in Leicester, us! Places include;

Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre

Not many cities are able to boast of the performance arts culture that Leicester has. There are many theatres where you can catch a movie or sit and watch a play, sing along, dance and many other activities. The Phoenix Cinema and Art Theatre is one of those places.

Boasting of a café bar and art centre and two screens, the theatre is a great place to host events, catch a movie or be part of a live play. The place is always bustling with activity and you can never fail to get something you can see. Whether you’re looking to get some local or international action, you will be well taken care of here.

The best part about the Phoenix Theatre is that it is an independent company and most importantly a local charity. By visiting here, you will support a local business that gives back to its community.

Leicester City Market

The trip is never complete without getting some memorabilia from the Leicester market. While it holds its own against some of the best-known places like being the largest outdoor covered market in Europe, the most stand out feature is the age of the market which is a staggering 800 years. The over 270 stalls offer you plenty of options to choose from a pocket-friendly prices. You will also be able to get some farm products straight from the market, buy jewellery, flowers of your choice, books, cards and even clothes.

There are plenty of cafés on the market where you can catch a meal or a drink if you find shopping too much of task and you would like to take a relaxing break. Typically, the market will offer you more variety and at lower prices compared to the high streets which is why most people prefer to come here.


Looking for some night action? To break the monotony of going out during the day, having a fun night out should be on your checklist every once in a while. On such occasions, you might want to drop by the Republic. This club is very unique and features three rooms. One of the rooms plays club classic, another plays urban music and the third room plays house, chart and dance music. You have the option of choosing what type of music you’re in the mood for. Why not join Leicesters personal trainers gym, urban bodyfit, one of the best in the city!

Leicester has plenty to offer. It is a great place to be with plenty of history and attractive flowers that you’re going to love. With well-rounded culture and tourist experience, there is nothing that you will not find in Leicester regardless of your age.